Námsstyrkir frá Japanska ríkinu

Japanska sendiráðið á Íslandi vill koma eftirfarandi tilkynningu á framfæri varðandi skólastyrki vegna  náms í Japan


Japanese Government Scholarships to Study in Japan 2018

Japanese Government, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), will award its scholarship to Icelandic nationals to study in Japan in 2018. There are 3 different scholarships (See below) offered by MEXT and a round-trip international air ticket, tuition and a monthly stipend will be covered. (The amount of monthly allowance is subject to change.)

  1. Scholarship for Research Students (Postgraduate or PhD degree level)
  2. Scholarship for Undergraduate Students (Bachelor’s degree level)
  3. Scholarship for Specialized Training College Students (iðntækninám)

Scholarship applicants must be in good health, as well as being willing to learn Japanese language. In principle, they are required to depart for and arrive in Japan between 1st and 7th of April.

The primary screening will be carried out by the Embassy of Japan in Iceland. The submitted application documents of the primary screened nominee(s) will subsequently be forwarded to MEXT in Japan where the final selection will be made. 

Scholarship Guidelines and Application Forms are available at the website of the Embassy of Japan in Iceland (English page).

Also, if any, please do not hesitate to contact the Embassy of Japan in Iceland.

All applications must be submitted to the Embassy of Japan in Iceland by Friday 30 June 2017 at 4:30pm, Laugavegur 182, 6F, 105 Reykjavik. An incomplete or late application will not be accepted.

All applicants who are subsequently short-listed will have an interview and written examinations at the Embassy of Japan in July 2017. 


For more information contact: Tomoko Daimaru - tomoko.daimaru@rk.mofa.go.jp